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  • 85 United States08-05-14
    My heartfelt sympathy to all the families who have lost loved ones. My heart especially goes out to all the parents whose children were killed in their schools. We send our children to school and think they are safe, and it is heart wrenching to imagine the loss of a child. God keep you all safe and help you find peace and solace in your grief.
  • 84 china08-05-09
    curse the man who made distorted reports aboat tibet ,curse it.
  • 83 Holland08-05-04
    I feel very deeply ashamed about some people in my country. If they would have informed themselves better, behave respectful, treat others like they would like to be treated themselves.....but none of this. Please knowthat not all Dutch people are like this. I fully agree the Chinese view on this topic and enjoy China and the Chinese people everytime I am so happily working there as a sculptor. The DL is not more than anyone striving for an antique theocracy. People deserve better than him or his oldfashioned aims, leading to exploitation and religious capitalism. Hans Mes
  • 82 Malaysia08-05-04
    I agree that the Dalai Lama is not a simple buddhist monk nor a perceived spiritual leader. He is more of a political conman. Unlike the great buddha who gave up a kingdom for spiritual pursuits, the Dalai Lama wants to be the supreme leader controlling Tibet and decides on their education, cultural practices and way of life. Similarly the Tibetan Youth Congress has now and then expresses violence to achieve their goals. Such expressions and acts are tantamount to terrorism. To all those who are pro-Tibetan indepedence, you are actually no better than the terrorists themselves. You have been left behind in history. Tibet now is not Tibet 50 years ago. Please do read more about Tibet form third parties who had visited Tibet recently. Your impression of Tibet is just as old as the dinosaurs. Ignorance is not bliss and not excusable.
  • 81 Thailand08-05-03
    The western country --------------mind your buniesss!
  • 80 ChinaShanghaiChangning08-04-28
    The bad fellows who made these cruel things deserve the purnishment of sentence declared by the local court. The victims who were injured or ruined should be memoried. The foreigners who report the distorted news should be condemned and accused of their inresponsible deeds and deception . Long live PRC. Long live Chinese people.
  • 79 Abdulrazaq Magaji/Nige08-04-26
    I think what Tibetans in the West are doing flows directly from the freedom their homeland now enjoys.How I wish those demonstrating Tibetans can look alittle back into their history books to see what their parents werer made to go through before 1951.I believe most pepolpe in my part of the world see events in Tibet differently. As a graduate of history, I know a thing or two about conditions in Tibet before 1951. I have been further enlightened by your DIALOGUE with three members of Tibet Academy of Social Sciences.All the same, I believe CCTV can do more to reach out to a greater number of people around the world. We need the alternative voice coming out of Beijing.
  • 78 Sam,Teng08-04-24
    China and its people must remain rational but firm in dealings with those anti-Chinese US and Western lawmakers who are clearly bend on harming the good image of China. China must not tolerate their double standards and allowed these unreasonable lawmakers who says one thing but do another thing to China. Mutual respect and trust is key for good relationship between two countries and its people. Its high time for the lawmakers of these countries to show their sincerity if they are truly peace loving people.
  • 77 Thasana,Nivatpumin08-04-24
    I would like to be able to enlarge the video dimension when viewing CCTV-document, news, travel logue. Please make available all CCTV documentary or other programs in DVD format . Where can I purchase old or new CCTV program and the mode of payment. The DVD format will be very helpful to dissiminate CCTV program to the mass. It is a very important tool for educational purposes. The recent Tibet history and Tibet today will be extremely helpful to educate the foreigner with regard to Tibet and its long history with China. Majority of Foreigner are ignorant to the history of Tbet. I dare to say that as an educated over sea Chinese I am very ignorant about Tibet history. Thank to the CCTV recent Tibet program, many Chinese are learning their own country. I want to buy Tibet Program in its entirety , many sets , and give to my children and friends especially foreign friends.
  • 76 Sylvanus,Lamare08-04-24
    The game of peace and friendship is being disturbed. Choosing to disturb and disrupt the game of peace and friendship even by peace means is to be condemned. I know how China gives privileges to the ethnic minority. To understand the treatment of Tibetans all over China one needs to visit China. To comment from outside and to believe the Western media is to see the half truth.
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