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  • 16 Esoo;china08-01-07
    i like it :]
  • 15 Vanilla08-01-06
    i had one of your book recently named my china daily.i haven't read it but i have looked through its contents.i learned that it must be a very interesting book and there are so many attacting stories in it.i will read them in my spare time.i will be telling you my feeling when i would finish.see you,Edwin
  • 14 Ivy From China08-01-03
    I think it's really terrific.This book show me another view to see our country, and it's very intreseting.It also told me a lot that I've never known before, even I was native.I bought this book last week.For I'm English major,so I really think I could enjoy English and enjoy myself from this book.
  • 13 Hairer China08-01-01
    It is an interesting book from a humrous writer and a skilled interpretor. I have read it for at least three times!And I keep watching CCTV news and World Wide Watch,and also, Aisa Today every day,hoping to see Edwin broadcasting,as well as prepare my listening and a sense of news. Wonderful! Edwin!I like you so much!
  • 12 puple08-01-01
    good and kind man like many Chinese men at his age but I wonder those likeness of Chinese can live like him abroad or not?
  • 11 China07-12-28
    Edwin Maher is a great teacher !Even though I haven't read his book,I THINK SO !
  • 10 Belle ,China07-12-27
    Sometimes i believe it is difficult to live in a different country whose language and customs you don't familiar to.I really appreciate his braveness and optimist attitude.Wish you happy everyday!
  • 9 tom07-12-26
    I want to buy this book (english edition), Please send me your account number by email. thanks!
  • 8 China07-12-26
    I am reading ,now! maybe i will like it!
  • 7 Grace Dalian 07-12-23
    While I am reading Edwin Maher's book, Edwin Maher narrates everything from his unique perspectice, he is both an excellent anchor and a terrific writer. I am impressed with his sense of humor. I like his program very much.
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