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  • 26 Edwin Maher08-02-11
    Hi everyone. This is Edwin and my apologies for taking so long to reply to your kind responses about my book. I really appreciate what you have written and it makes me know there are many friends out there. I am also very happy that you find the stories so enjoyable. I don't have a blog and just want to say "hello" and express my sincere wishes for a happy year of the rat. Guo Nian Hao Edwin
  • 25 chocolate08-02-04
    i love your stories , which were happen in china . These are very interesting and funny with intriguing . Very long time no seeing you on the tv . I also like your optimism,sorta experiences is very impressed .Keep go on ! I am looking for your another book to come out ! KUNG HEI FAT CHOY !
  • 24 Lily Shanghai08-01-25
    Hi Edwin,I like your broadcasting style which is different from others,and this book is also very interesting.Wish you a happy holiday in chinese Spring festival.
  • 23 jackie shanghai08-01-13
    Hi Edwin,it has been a long time since my friends and i heard your vioce from CCTV9,we were most impressed by your gentle,energetic and courteous manner.apart from these attributes,it's time for us to share the interesting experiences of your life in China.i bought this book ten minutes ago,now i am preparing to enjoy this fantastic journey:) wish you a happy Chinese new year!
  • 22 Angus CHINA08-01-12
    how can I get one ?where can I .....//??????
  • 21 amy China08-01-12
    Dear sir, is the book is in Chinese or in both English and Chinese. I want to read it in English. thank you. amy email.
  • 20 klena,china08-01-11
    Dear Edwin, I am intereested in you,you don't know that i guess.I heard you are still single.would you like to find chinese girlfrind in china?if you want write to you and i will help you,my friend is 45 years old who is beautiful and an engineer, she have no kids.a very nice person.if you are interested in her,write to me at I think you will like her. else i will buy your book to read.
  • 19 Mary_Lu , Wenzhou 08-01-11
    Dear Edwin , i will go and search for this book in the biggest bookstore of WENZHOU city, i love learning english . Your experience in China sounds very interesting .
  • 18 pharma, China08-01-10
    i love Edwin Maher, reading News & this book.
  • 17 july China08-01-09
    we love Edwin!!! you are a cute guy!!!
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