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  • 36 yzx08-06-25
    I like your smile. Your stories make me happy.
  • 35 the_lion_king08-05-14
    yes,i bought one in beijing books building,iso far though i haven't readed it,but it is enogh to intrest me and indicate the book is very brief, i am fond of it and i want to make aquaintance of someone who is also reading that book and mingle thoughts from it
  • 34 Denny08-05-05
    Lately i'm reading your book, very cool. I laughed when i'm reading freely. And I read your book first. And one day when i saw you in CCTV-9(one of my favourite TV). I feel really near with u. U are just by my side. I love your humor. I love u. Wish u have a good year in China. I think u would must go to see Olympic in Beijing. I'm in Shanghai now.
  • 33 wudan08-05-05
    I have read this interesting book,and I even recommanded to my foreign professor. your adventure is really fabulous ,and it always made me smile and laugh ,besides i learn some native expressions from you ,many thanks. I LOVE IT .
  • 32 Bluebell08-03-29
    I bought this book as a Christmas present for a friend, and guess where he is from? Australia! He said Edwin's experience is so uncanny. As a contempory of Edwin, I believe, they share a lot in their China experiences. Hope the two Aussies will stay in China forever and enjoy their life here!
  • 31 mary China 08-03-14
    very good !
  • 30 Daniel Xu Anhui,China 08-03-13
    The first time I have noticed u was on CCTV9, your broadcasting style and exellent pronunciation did impressed me. While , the stories on your book gave me another side of u ! The life in BJ was just like a venture in the other land . Wish u have a good time in BJ & Best wishes for u and your family !
  • 29 Guangdong China 08-03-09
    I want to learn english well , as I missed a very important chance to learn english when I was attending collegue , as my major is not english, so what I can do is to spend my spare time on english . I have been watching CCTV 9 hosted by Edwin , though I can not understand fully, I still admire his style of broadcasting . I also had watched a program hosted by Lixiaomeng who interviewed Edwin about his stories in China . I admire his courage to come to china where he has known of nothing before coming . I know he is still single , so I wish he can find a very considerate , beautiful chinese wife to backup his career . best regards for Edwin !
  • 28 Rick08-02-28
    I'm eager to read this book, but I wander which language it is.
  • 27 Challenge China08-02-19
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