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  • 191 Corey08-01-26
    One other thing I'd like to say. I really disagree that Chinese characters are useless in TV lessons. There are many times I wish they had been on screen. Ideally, you should have pinyin, Chinese characters, and English subtitles all together.. a Rosetta stone of sorts. However, I realize that space is limited, and getting them all to be readable is a real issue. Given that, if you can fit two, I'd say English and Pinyin. As far as readability goes, it might look a little uglier, bit if you could put a black background behind the captioning, that would improve readability. The video is not so important that you have to be able to see every button on every shirt ;-) By that I mean that if the black background occludes some of the video, that's probably a good compromise.
  • 190 zhu kebei08-01-25
    We should thank the team for heeding to our call to bring in the Pinyin rendition of the chinese characters. It will be asking too much from the team to write everything in Pinyin.Note must be taken of the fact that this programme is meant to teach the Chinese language as it is ,and that if pinyin is included to elucidate the chinese characters,then that is enough.Experience has shown that seeing the same characters over ,and over just bring them over to the learner`s dining table.The team can not also go head-long into presenting everything in Pinyin,because official Chinese documents,major works ,syllabuses have no pinyin.While trying to help foreigners to comprehend the thought processes behind the characters through pinyin,they should do a little more to cosy up to the characters.
  • 189 Garon08-01-25
    I like your program. You are great foreigner teacher at China, then you are one example for all foreigner people to learn Mandarin. Then I study by myself Mandarin and Cantonese, then other idioms too. Therefore when I have one free time, then I ever watch your program, but I'd like you introduce more aspects about Mandarin tones because this aspect is the most hard for one student in Mandarin. My msn is Have a great success in your life and job.
  • 188 Corey08-01-25
    I've been watching the Sports Chinese and Travel in Chinese shows for some time, and I think they are pretty good, except I have one significant complaint: The sound quality in the dialogues is really really bad. You really ought to put microphones on the actors, or use a boom microphone, rather than using what you are now. It sounds like you are using a microphone aimed at the actors from the position of the camera. There is way too much echo and background noise. Chinese is hard enough to understand with regional accents, but add noise and echo and it becomes extremely difficult for a non-native speaker. Listen to the sound quality of the mp3's on for an example of very good audio.
  • 187 Mary08-01-25
    I am happy that you are including the Pinyin in the vocabulary section! I am trying to learn the characters, but they are too small on the tv--I try to copy them, then search an online site to see the detail. It's much easier when you know the Pinyin! I love this new program (Sports)--I will be much more knowedgeable than my friends when watching the Olympics! The grammar hints and everyday expressions are interesting!
  • 186 edward08-01-25
    There are numerous requests for pin yin only . Please continue with the chinese characters and simply add pin yin. I really believe that seeing the chinese characters often enough will help in learning chinese in greater detail. Maybe a lesson , later on, about radicals would be interesting. please have Da Shan tell us about the future program plans, also tell us about the books available in advance. I was so fortunate that I was in China when I first learned of this program.I bought the 4 books for Communicate in Chinese and was able to follow along, and all of the pin yin -chinese characters were answered
  • 185 Li08-01-25
    Many thanks to you for kindly uploading the whole episode of the lesson 5 video and to those who pointed out that the first version was shorter than usual and requested you to upload the whole episode. Good job!
  • 184 Tomasz08-01-24
    Totaly agree with message 182 - chinese characters are totaly useles in TV lessons. We are not able to recognize them - Pinyin is more similar to what English speakers are used to.
  • 183 MICHAEL08-01-23
  • 182 Kim Law08-01-22
    Is there a reason that you don't include Pinyin in your lesson plans. Chines charactors are very hard to grasp and this is the only part of your show that I find lacking, if you included pinyin I could be writing down new words and phrases and the translation to English.
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