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  • 231 china08-03-20
    Hey, Mr Dashan, I am steve,but i still like to watch your programme,because i also can learn lots of English from your explasion of chinese wrods... many friends of mine condemed your chinese is better than us! that's amazing!!! I turey want to become your friend!
  • 230 Gemini China08-03-18
    Great minds think alike(英雄所见略同) Everyone like this program.I'm glad to see so many peoples are interested in Chinese. I learn English from the program. The four tones of Chinese characters,namely,the level tone,the rising tone,the falling-rising tone,and the falling tone ( 汉字的四声,平声,声,仄声和去声) Wlcome to China,welcome to XI'an
  • 229 Chera Ng in Hong Kong08-03-16
    I like the program "Sports Chinese" very much, would you tell me how to get the text after lesson ten. Thanks!
  • 228 Mike:US08-03-15
    I am a regular viewer of CCTV9 here in Indiana. My family includes my two year old daughter we adopted from Fuling in Chongqing and her favorite show on CCTV9 is Sports Chinese! It comes on when it is time for her to lay down and sleep for the night and she always smiles and interacts especially with Mike. I'm still not sure what it is about the show that she likes so well. Thanks for the new format with the Sports series of your program. I particularly enjoy your student that is in the studio with you as she tries to incorporate words into new sentences.
  • 227 cyprus08-03-14
    ı .like so much this program thanks for everything
  • 226 US08-03-12
    It is now day light saving time in US .Please correct the schedule for this. Thankyou for a great program.
  • 225 Joe08-03-09
    Hi.... I'm trying to find the transcript for the "Sports Chinese" program broadcast on 2008-01-16 and I can't. I'm sorry to say I think the website is very poorly organized in this respect. It looks like the "More" button on the right hand side of the Sports Chinese homepage should bring up a list of previously broadcast programs. But in fact it just brings up a blank page. I think the Sports Chinese team need to pay a little more attention to these details as it limits the usefulness of these excellent programs.
  • 224 mzx08-03-09
    good!i like cctv-9
  • 223 Kamal Lamsal08-03-06
    Actually, this is not a comment, but request. Such a request I have made some time ago, too. I ma so eagerly waiting you write in this page 顺利(shùn lì), but not like this 小方: Mike,你今天怎么这么晚才回来?采访顺利吗? . Because I can not read chinese. Only because of this I am I am being pervented from learning this freat language.
  • 222 Tim Chua08-03-05
    Hi, I also love this show. It explains everything very well. I was wondering if I could purchase a dvd or the show or if I could download them from somewhere. Thanks!
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