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  • 91 Orrin Young07-07-06
    Ireally enjoy this program, and I have learned a lot from it. Unfortunately I don't get to watch the program as much as I would like to. Therefore, I was wondering if some or all of the Communicate in Chinese programs are available for purchase on DVD? My email address is: I would appreciate an email about this request if you have the time. Sincerely, Orrin Young
  • 90 Ray (Lei Jiang Sheng)07-07-05
    Since most of us who tune in and/or read here are trying to LEARN Chinese, and may not read Chinese, it would be helpful if the language points were written in PinYin as well as Chinese
  • 89 melody07-06-30
    da shang ,i like you very much . i hope you would send an email to me ok ?
  • 88 liu yi fang07-06-26
    hello,how do you do! the communication&chinese programme,l hoe the hoster's wheather your using English to communicate with the people.improve Our English. at the same time,
  • 87 Stephano07-06-26
    Hello, Congratulations for an excellent show. I would like to see more on your web site like the pronunciation of the characters and the audio. Because we need time to practice again and again. Keep up the good work!!!
  • 86 Hue Vo07-06-24
    I like to learn chinese
  • 85 Gary07-06-22
    Please keep the simplified Characters!!! I am just learning myself. I can recognize the value pinyin lettering, but do not want it as a crutch. Learning chinese obviously requires time. Your use of characters (and my using a good dictionary) encourages reading chinese as it will surely be seen in China. Keep up the good work!!!
  • 84 John07-06-18
    You need Pinyin;not Chinese characters, on your broadcast and definately on your web site to understand or its just a waste of time!
  • 83 Daniel07-06-12
    I love your show, but have to agree with previous comments; more hanyu pinyin is needed for those of us who have not fully completed a course in hinese calligraphy. Keep up with the good work :)
  • 82 Shirley07-06-09
    On the dialogue sub titles it would be helpful to see Hanyu Pinyin as shown in the New Words & Expressions section. Because word order in Chinese is different from English it would make the dialogue easier to translate. Enjoying the new Communicate in Chinese prog.
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