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  • 101 omer ali07-08-12
    iwana speak in chaina how to say litters
  • 100 victor07-08-12
    i like english, i like CCTV9, i like cctv9 online. she gives me so much knowledge and leads me improving in english. thank you cctv9, thank u my dear editors, thanks for your hard work...
  • 99 Ivan Lim07-07-30
    I was just in Beijing last week and it was a great experience. And everyday I would look forward to the TIC program and I think it's an excellent program using everyday language. Keep up the good work and thanks for having the video lessons on the net, otherwise I would have no access to it!
  • 98 vadrer07-07-29
    I'm so grateful for these lessons. I recorded these to PC and share with people. For the interesting, here are some my URLs:
  • 97 Pat07-07-23
    I agree with comments about including pinyin in the programme, because a lot of us trying to learn the language are using books which have this system. Sometimes it is a struggle to keep up when the dialogue includes words that are unfamiliar, and personally I would appreciate revision on grammar. However, it is still a very good programme!
  • 96 Franklin07-07-22
    I started to learn mandarin with Assimil, after finishing the first book, I still was not able to communicate. Also a chineese friend told me that the dialogues were old fashioned and mentioned the program at CCTV. Since then I have started to watch communicate in Chineese, which I found pretty ok. It would be a great help if under the dialogues you could always give the pinyin! duo xie le
  • 95 Sallie 07-07-17
    Since 1995 I have been struggling with Chinese but with the help of a book and CDs by a French firm Assimil and some Chinese friends, who have practised pronunciation with me, I have no trouble learning to pronouce words written in Pinyin. I am now close to 70 years old and have an even harder time than most foreigners learning hanzi. I know some foreigners who have lived several years in China, who are fluent in spoken Chinese but not in hanzi. I think it would be most helpful, if, during the entire dialogue section of your program you would include along with the English translation the pinyin pronunciation. Also in your lessons on this website. Thankyou
  • 94 lily07-07-13
    i am a Chinese girl.i have study english for almost ten years. i am patient and accommodating. i'd like to teach you Chinese,while you can teach me english! it is really a god-given opportunity for both of us. i have been man places in China,so i can tell you a lot about what i have seen. don't hesitate to call me,i'd like to be your friend! 13521602314/ am a postgraduate student in beijing)
  • 93 Sven07-07-11
    Why does the grammar point secton on the website give only english examples and not chinese examples like the travel in chinese program. It doesn't make sense as we know English and are trying to learn Chinese?????
  • 92 Shelby07-07-10
    I just want to say that I love watching CCTV because it showed me China in ways I would never thought was possible. I want to go to China someday. xie! xie!
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