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  • 111 Richard Larkin07-09-13
    I love your show, but I don't understand why you design your "substitution" exercise completely in Chinese characters with no English translation. That part of the show is a complete waste of time, because you can't learn a single thing. In order to learn something from the show's "substitution" exercise you would have to be a master at reading Chinese. Nevertheless, I ready enjoyed the show and I learn a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Very Much, Richard Larkin, MD, PhD.,
  • 110 surasak07-09-12
    I am interested in your program very much . It is very usefull for me but I don't know why some lesson no video watch so I can't learn more. please tell the reason or send video clip to me by e-mail Thank you very much for your kind.
  • 109 Lavinia07-09-10
    My 13-year-old son and I enjoy your program - Communicate in Chinese - very much. The format is good and the exercises help reinforce learning. Suggestions: 1) We don't think there is a need for Mark to literally repeat the conversation line by line, since there's already subtitle to the dialogue. Rather, he should just concentrate on explaining selected phrases in the dialogue. This will save time, and we think, make it more effective. 2) Examples of sentences should be repeated at least once. 3) Substitution exercises should include English translation (to ensure proper understanding). I would very much like to buy your DVDs (vol 1 - 4). Are they available in Hong Kong? If so, please email me the distributor's info. at Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • 108 Winzy07-09-01
    I am a Chinese girl.i have study english for only four years.I love English because it make me know more about the world .I love watching CCTV 9 ,I think it's an excellent chance for each person who love English to know more about English .I love watching Travelogue best ,it not only let me learn more English but also let me travel all around China There are many places I have never travelled ,so when I enjoyed watching this programme I becam really excited.Thank you,Best wishes.
  • 107 Meg07-08-30
    Hi there, I am a Japanese but live in New Zealand and enjoying communicate in Chinease program. I recorded it to tape and listen many times until I understand it. I also look the website to check whole sentences to make sure my understanding is accurate. I am hoping you can show whole sentence of each program on the web site, since sometimes I can see only a part of it. I also hope if we can see Chinese subtitle when it is on air. Each lessoon we probably listen same conversation as many as three times, so I appreciate you can put Chinese charactor at one of them. Finally I really look forward watching every new episode. Regards, Meg
  • 106 kamal lamsal07-08-28
    serfing your web page I found impossible to read and learn it. So without "Big Mountain's" help I can not learn that's to say, I must listen to tv programme. But the problem is that, it is difficult to receive tv signal here. so my suggestion is, If you could print the pronunciation in 'pinyin' I could learn without watching tv, just reading it. This is my request only. Kamal, Journalist.
  • 105 edward lishman07-08-28
    I love your program. I first discovered it when I was in China last year.Iwatch it now every day as the repetitions make it possible for me to understand just as the next program starts. I studied chinese for two years at college level and so the level now is just perfect for me.I really hope you will continue this program forever. I wish I had known about cctv earlier and now I tell my friends about how to get it. Aso there are many other great programs on cctv 9 that it has now become my main channel in U.S. Thanks for so much. sincerely Edward
  • 104 Hello07-08-21
    Hello,Dashan: Even though I'm Chinese, I enjoy Communicate in Chinese from Monday to Friday each week. It's a nice and helpful program. Thanks for hard working. Regards. Your Sincere audience, Jane
  • 103 Joe07-08-20
    Why is it when you click on the photos of the actors involved in Communicating in Chinese nothing happenWhy don't their biographies appear? Also, why is it that on some browsers you can see the actual episodes on Comm in Chinese and you can't see it on others? Thanks
  • 102 Mike07-08-16
    It would be great if you could include Hanyu Pinyin together with the Chinese characters as I presume that most of the viewers of Learning Chinese would not be so proficient in reading Chinese characters, myself included. Otherwise, keep up the good work!
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