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  • 121 Fu Yan Shen07-10-19
    I'm watching your 'Communication in Chinese' lessons from start and get each lesson print out from your web site. I notice that lately the lesson provided the web show part A only, part B misssing. Please investigate and up date. Thanks for your nice and easy to follow program. Best regards
  • 120 Brad Storo07-10-03
    I am trying to view your videos but I cannot find them. Can you direct me to the right link? Thank you Brad Storo Las Vegas Nevada USA
  • 119 Andrew07-10-01
    Hi Mark, Nihau mah? I'm enjoying the programmes, but I want to know when the series will start from the beginning again as I am only just starting to learn Mandarin. Xie xie. Thanks.
  • 118 Learner07-09-29
    coming to the website, thinking I could find video link for "Communicate in Chinese", but it turns out none. I wish you could have some video links for the chinese learning programs presented in the website, the text-only content dosen' t mean a lot for a chinese language learner.
  • 117 Li Yanfei 07-09-28
    Dear Editor , September 28,2007 I like watching your programme "Communicate in Chinese " and Wached it for a couple of years . I sincerely that you can match their chinese translation with the lessons which are from L1 to l15 on the cultural background .From my perspective , not only can the programme be loved by foreigners but also by Chinese People whao have been learning English . Yours sincerely a Chinese learner
  • 116 Cpt. Charisma07-09-25
    I tried watching your show on the Internet, but it didn't work for me. In fact, none of the video on works for me. It looks like it only works in Microsoft Windows. I find this surprising and irritating, since I heard the Chinese people were big supporters of Linux. The show looks so interesting, I wish I could watch it.
  • 115 benlizhu07-09-23
    HI:this is benli speaking, I'm from anhui provise , working in daning tone humen town dongguan city guangdong provise. I like english, I am a purchase of electrican machinery co.,ltd ;I hope become a good friends with you. thand you!
  • 114 NSAR07-09-23
    I like your shows, they're wuvly!
  • 113 Peter07-09-17
    Hi ,I Want to download the video 'Learn to speack chinese(english)' freely,but I can't find the link,my question is wherher CCTV supply the link or not,I hope you can reply to me,thanks!my
  • 112 Grace07-09-14
    hello,I want to learn English.who can teach me?I want to make friend with the foreigner.I think we can learn each other.if someone want to make friend with me,please touch with me.My
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