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  • 131 Mary07-12-20
    I'm a college student.I am puzzled by CCTV-9.I like it very much.From CCTV-9,I could learn all kinds of other country's culture.
  • 130 Selina07-12-18
    I like english.I am an english teacher.This is a great program. I like it very much. I will come here usually .
  • 129 Peter07-12-11
    Please put the texts of the current lessons online!!! These texts up to lesson 29 "sightseeing in Beijing " are a great help for me. I can memorize things more easily then. It is a great course 再见 Peter
  • 128 Franck07-11-28
    Hello, I wanted to watch the videos of the "Travel in Chinese" series. We can find the 98 episodes, but video link doesn't work correctely. Is it possible to fix it. Thanks by advance. Franck
  • 127 kidd07-11-26
    can you provide the video about this ?? thx
  • 126 milt07-11-21
    It would be very nice if you used english letters for the Chinese words before translateing them.Learning Chinese words and what they mean is impossible when useing the Chinese charactors before translateing there meaning.
  • 125 Jill Taylor07-11-19
    I've caught the program a few times. What times does the program appear?
  • 124 jerry07-11-07
    I can only find the conversation A of each program, I always can not find conversation B, could you please tell me how to find the part of B. Anyway thanks a lot.
  • 123 Allen Su07-11-02
    This is a very good program, and I always watch them on weekends. It is a pitty that there is no video available on web site like other programs. I was wondering if you can provide the video on the internet. I have been looking forward to your reply soon. Thanks and best regards.
  • 122 John Moran07-10-23
    Hello and thank you for the very good program. The program is very helpful BUT I would like to see the list of program topics updated on the website so I know what is coming up and what date it will be shown. I would like to know when/if you will start from the beginning. I learned some Chinese while living in Taiwan (1969) for a year but not enough. I have been to China several times with my wife who is from Chengdu. Her English is perfect, my Chinese is poor making it difficult for me to communicate with her friends and family. I will return to China in May, 2008 and I hope that your program will help me improve considerably before then. We hope to travel (I'm retired) in China for at least a month. Very sincerely, John
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