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  • 141 zhouming08-01-03
    That's of great value,and very useful! perfectly.
  • 140 Bill Bradley08-01-03
    Hello Mr. Rowsnell ( Da Shan ) My name is Bill Bradley and I currently teach English and Business courses at a high school in St. Thomas, Ontario Last year I taught English at a private international school in Shenzhen, China. I recently married a lady from Beijing and hope to return to Beijing sometime in 2008. I have a few comments regarding your excellent program on CCTV. Your program is excellent and has helped me in my chinese studies. I also log on to the cctv website to learn more and re-inforce some points made in your show I was wondering if it was possible to add more pinyin to the website lessons. This would certainly help me as I know pinyin but as of yet only know about 200 characters. Keep up the great work Da Shan, you do us Canadians proud. Bill Bradley
  • 139 WAYNE08-01-03
    I enjoy your programs on CCTV International very much. Your previous program, Communicate in Chinese, I think, was for advanced learners. This new program is also for the same type of learner. Do you have anything for absolute beginners, like myself.Thank you and I will continue watching CCTV 9 BUT NOT THIS LEARN TO SPEAK CHINESE.
  • 138 edward08-01-03
    Xie Xie, I really enjoyed the Communicate in Chinese program .I have the 4 books. Now you appear to be running a continuing program, How many lessons this time and is there a book for this next program. Maybe da shan could make an announcementt as to your intensions, if you dont it still doesnt matter, It will be a surprise. Thank you all for this wonderful program. One suggestion, invite Zang ling , the news caster to be a guest. I think that her voice is just as beautiful as she is.
  • 137 Ariel08-01-02
    I love this game!
  • 136 Kimsa Chan08-01-02
    I love
  • 135 Shahrzad Banihashemi07-12-31
    新年 快乐 Dear Mr. Da Shan , As one of your program viewers , let me thank you for all your efferts to teach Chinese language and culture to the people who are interested in , from all over the world. Your programs are all useful and understandable. I also would like to learn how to write Chinese . Here, I am practicing writing " hanzi" but it is very nice to learn it through programs like yours, if possible. The last lesson in your website is Lesson 29 and I can not find the rest of them . Would you Please let me know where can I find them for printing. Warm regards , Shahrzad Banihashemi (Ms.) Iran - Tehran
  • 134 Cassidy07-12-30
    hope people who is interested in CCTV9 program can really benefit from it...
  • 133 henry 07-12-28
    everyday i should watch cctv-9 tv , i can learn much during the time (our culture and other country's culture etc)
  • 132 Hedy07-12-22
    I like watch CCTV9 everyday,pls share more wonderful.
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