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  • 151 Zhu Kebei08-01-06
    Da Shan,let me bu zhe bu kou thank you .I`m from Cameroon ,and for a little above three years now have been quitely enjoying your expertise without saying thank you.I tune in everytime,and bought the four books on Communicate in Chinese.I`m yet to write the characters erect ,let alone correctly,so I will crave your indulgence to see to it that the characters come along with their Pinyin renditions.I need not say you are great,because your name tells it all.You know what a mountain stands for,and a big mountain for that matter!
  • 150 Hejinxia08-01-06
    Could you tell me the time of "Sports Chinese"?
  • 149 Hejinxia08-01-06
    I love CCTV 9
  • 148 Gerry08-01-06
    I wish to purchase the Learn to speak Chinese cd's for my 11 year old daughter who is studying mandarin. Can I buy over the internet or are they available from a shop in Hong Kong??
  • 147 Jon08-01-06
    Thank you so much for providing this Sport Chinese Program. It is a great way to improve my Chinese. I really enjoy it.
  • 146 shiri 08-01-05
    dearests of all dearests at cctv9 in bajing china we got some weeks ago on the cabel television the cctv station ,so from that moment we got on an angelic magical trip. just like in a meditation...we love so much to whtch the peopil of the mighty glorius and blesed land of china' the colors'and the special storys'and so the magical majestic dancers'and so of the music' we simply relaxing with you and with the young talents and gifted spikers and the arts'and the historic wise lecturs.we love you all at cctv.and we whish you a happy year of the muse.and a very succesful olimpiad'i am asking you if i can daun lode the music and performences'? we auge you all.and whishing you a wonderful feuter' shiri 'hifa ,israel.
  • 145 Rajiva08-01-05
    Please use Chinese pinyin in addition to chinese characters while writing the dialogues. That way we who cannot read the characters, can understand the word.
  • 144 Joyce08-01-04
    Xieh xieh nin for this Olympic specific series. However, the dialogues are spoken tai kuai le compared to other Learning Chinese series, and the absence of pin yin or audio on the website makes learning new vocabulary difficult. Nin hao from California!
  • 143 Joyce08-01-04
    Thank you for this opportunity to lern Chinese specific to the Olympics. However, I find that the dialogues are spoken too fast ( much faster than in previous series) and the lack of pin yin or audio on the web site makes it difficult to learn new words which whiz by during the lesson.
  • 142 thanya08-01-03
    Hello and thank you for the very good program. The program is very helpful BUT I would like to see the list of program topics updated on the website so I know what is coming up and what date it will be shown. I would like to know when/if you will start from the beginning. I wanted to watch the videos of the "Travel in Chinese" series. We can find the 98 episodes, but video link doesn't work correctely. Is it possible to fix it. Thanks by advance. Signal about video was interruptesd, that the picture couldn't run smoothly . Please check speed and adujust thank you
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