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  • 161 Edward08-01-11
    You are a major force in Chinese language instruction. I hope you have a plan on how to organise from beginner through to advanced, and further more publish your plans so that we can plan our lives around it, just like college students. please publish more books. Da Shan has mastered Chinese, perhaps some details as to how he did it may be inspirational as well as educational xie xie ni
  • 160 Sue08-01-10
    Am now getting the video. Thanks. Ignore my earlier request for it. Still would like pinyin as well as characters.
  • 159 Susan08-01-10
    Since I have not mastered Chinese characters, I would find it helpful to have the pinyin written beside or under the characters so I can learn to recognize the characters. I know they are available on the program. I am not always able to catch the program when it is on. Is there a way I can listen/watch it through my computer at my convenience? Looking forward to your reply. Continued good fortune to you and all the CCTV staff.
  • 158 Judy Shi08-01-10
    How do I receive the lessons in pin yin? There is no way I can learn to read characters at my age or with my limited language skills.
  • 157 Aditi08-01-09
    It would be more useful if a transliteration would be provided as well along with the chinese script on the website as without knowing the pronunciation, the chinese script is meaningless.
  • 156 Cathy08-01-09
    This program is fantastic! Very useful even though they speak faster than what I can process. It's a great way of practicing my listening skills. Thank you, CCTV!
  • 155 xiao shan08-01-09
    Please include pin yin on your web site.
  • 154 zhangpei08-01-08
    very happy to communicate with you,and learn each other...
  • 153 lilly08-01-08
    Hi,This program is very useful for me.if i have a look through internet,i can not read because i don't know how to read chinese.If it is pinyin and english that will be more useful for me.pls consider it.
  • 152 Andrew W08-01-08
    Yet another great course from CCTV! Well done to all involved! My only comment is that Times Roman-style font that is being used for the English subtitles in the main dialogues is very difficult to read. The old Helvetica-style font was much clearer. PS. Clearly "Sports Chinese" is not a beginners course, so for those who haven't already seen it, I suggest you watch/buy "Communicate in Chinese" first.
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