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A Beautiful Life    
  Today is Rebecca's birthday. She is 40 .Her beautiful figure is shuffling back and forth among friends .40 years to a woman, has great meaning. Everything is clear, Everything is new.

  I think 40 is a very good time to look at your life, to look at all the goals that you set before and see if you succeed any of them and then look forward to see what I can do best now.

  Rebecca is from America .She used to be a ballet dancer and a singer .Her passion for her art fosters her elegance. Shelf-confidence brings her a special glamour.

  I think in my life my great love, as a young girl was ballet, I dance every day and trained for it. Both of my parents are professors at university and they really feel strongly that I not just dance through my life and I also get good education at university, So I stopped dancing for while and I began singing, studying music and French and doing high education.

  Rebecca lives in the world of art. Rebecca would frequently attend performances at university with her student friends. On one occasion, when she went to see a play she met Bill. They feel in love at first sight. They held a wedding immediately after graduation. Their happy home life is testament to their love and this is what she cherishes most.

  About 22 years ago, for the first time we were shopping together, we just met each other when we shopping and we were in a big department store, I couldn't find her, I whistled and she whistled back and ever since then for all of these years we have a family whistle and we still do it with the children.

  Her 3 children are quite adorable. They enjoy many interests themselves and bring Rebecca and Bill endless joy. Rebecca has expended a lot of her energy in raising her children and in promoting their good health.

  My parents were wonderful support. They brought me to many theatres to see dancers and singers in theatres. When I began to study and train, and later to dance professionally, they always came to my performances and I think about that now when I go to match my children, May be they are dancing, I go to match my son play basketball or play so cheer, sometimes you are tired .May you don't want to see every game, and match and cheer and encourge them. But it's very important. And I remember my parents came, they clapped for me and they made me feel special and so we have insisted that I try even with my husband traveling.

  5 years age, Rebecca came to China, after her husband Bill. Her life was to change greatly. By a chance, She became a presenter for CCTV's Outlook-English Magazine program as co-hosting a special language and culture section-Let's Talk. During this period of program making in China, she has acquired extensive knowledge about China and increasingly care to love it.

  I think all Chinese people are really artistic, It's a long thousand of years tradition, of beauty with the, with the beautiful calligraphy, and with the painting, I mean the long tradition in China, So we admired it greatly, I enjoy the beauty, I think with the experience and can give you lot of happiness and good feeling.

  Rebecca is driven by feelings, while she dressed life with her own special artistic sensibilities .Her art has colored life with brightness. In Rebecca's smile we can see the happiness which Rebecca finds in life, and in turn which she radiates among us all.


  我觉得40岁是审视自己人生的好时候,你可以回顾一下,过去树立的目标现在都成功地实现了没有,同时规划一下未来, 想想现在我可以把什么做得最好。






  当时,我的父母给了我很大的支持,他们带我去剧院,我见到了很多的舞者和歌 者。从我开始练习舞蹈到后来我成为职业舞蹈演员,他们总是来看我的演出,现在我去看我的孩子演出的时候,总能想起他们当时的情景。我去看孩子们跳舞,去看我的儿子的篮球赛、足球赛,有时你会觉得很累,可能你并不想去看每一场比赛,为他们欢呼,给他们鼓励。但这非常重要,我记得我的父母来看我演出,他们为我喝彩,使我感觉很特别。所以我坚持和我丈夫每次都去观看他们的演出。

  5年前,瑞贝卡随丈夫来到中国。从此她的生活发生了全新的改变。一次偶然的机会,她成为中央电视台《希望—英语杂志》中《let's talk》板块的主持人。在中国做节目的日子里,她对中国有了更多的了解和喜爱。