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Australia Day    
  January 26th, 1778 was the day the first Fleet arrived in Sydney Harbor. Since then, Australians have celebrated Australia Day on January 26th.

  Well, let's go to an ordinary Australian community and see how the residents there celebrate Australia Day.

  By morning, the offshore parking lot has already filled with cars. People from different communities get together here to celebrate this wonderful day. Some families even set up a barbecue range and sell food and drinks. That's quite a good idea, as there are already some families that didn't bring quite enough.

  People are immersed in this heated festival and watch the swimming competition on the beach. Regardless of age and swimming skill, the fierce competition excites each contestant. Though participation of the activity is overall important, people still expect to have a winner. The interesting swimming race is just the start of the subsequent festival programs.

  Not all the families are here to celebrate; others celebrate at home with their family members. Marjie and Ron are like that. They will go to Sister Maureen's home to have a family party.

  So they will go to the supermarket first, grab some food and vegetables, but why does she get flowers? Oh, it is for Marjie's another sister, Kate, Kate has been awarded an Australia Day medal by the Australia government due to her excellent work.

  After Marjie's parents arrived, her mother began preparing the lunch with her sister Maureen while her Dad was chatting with Tom, Marjie's brother in-law, and they were all awaiting Kate's arrival. A delightful family gathering is being on its way along with delicious dishes and a few choice family performances.

  In the Seaside Park, the festival actions are continuing. The assembled families and those gathered around in the grassland enjoyed a wonderful program with a few special surprises.

  Grandpa , singing and playing alone is encircled by children who take up the initiative and join the singing. They contribute a little extra happiness to the program.

  Several "gold fish" swimming above the tents, are the main focus of the children who try to catch one but fail.

  Are the fish really in the air or is all swimming in the water?

  Sheep shearing is of particular interest to Australia's city dwellers. The fallen fleeces bring much merriment to the children. Children touch the sheared sheep and fell so smooth.

  This couple certainly had everyone's attention. This enchanting dance captured the interest of children and they follow its rhythm. Look at this cheerful little dancer, oh, be careful.

  All the programs are carefully prepared for children who regard the place as a perfect playground. A cartoon bear appeared but it was only a small part of the wonderful program. Their excitement was infectious.

  The celebration lasted till midnight. When the Marjies and their friend Noelene arrived, they were instantly immersed in the party mood.

  The party came to an end with the whirling of sparkles as these young people performed. The fire-sticks are swirled and twirled around, sending happiness to everybody.






  并不是所有的居民都来此欢度国庆,有的家庭将召集所有成员欢聚一堂,Marjie and Ron就是如此。他们将去姐姐Maureen家参加家庭聚会。


  Marjie的父母已经先到,她的母亲和姐姐Maureen已在准备午饭,父亲正和姐夫Tom 聊天,他们都在等Kate的到来。一个欢乐的家庭聚会开始了。美味家肴、精彩节目,应有尽有。








  庆祝活动一直延续到晚上,Marjie 夫妇和她们的朋友Noelene也来了,立刻沉浸于其中。