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Music as Life
  Yan Haunters, a Belgian working as a sound engineer in China. He said that music was his life……

I saw you sitting under the bridge
I saw you sitting at the canal
I saw your mama and your daddy crying
I discovered your brother hard working

Yan Haunters: Since I was a little kid, I was sung. Not only songs that existed. I just made a mop. I went to bed and I sang about the things around me, about things that happened in the day. Actually so loud and so long that my mother would come and knock on my door, open my door and say:"ok, this is enough. Just stop now. We have to sleep!"

Yan Haunters has a crazy passion for music. He has been trying to write some simple songs since he was 12. Then, at the age round 15, he attended bands of different styles. After graduation from the university, he felt that he needed to know more about music and it's technical aspect and went to the Music College at Berkeley in the United States.

Yan Haunters : To go to the U.S. is not so easy. It's very expensive, takes a lot of energy. I spent all my personal money, but I still didn't have enough money. So I went hunting for scholarships and people who believed in what I did. And I got the financial support after two years. And in the U.S., I was plunged into everything which was music and music technology. So my whole life there for 4 years. While in the, in Boston studying, I also worked. Of course I played a little part, you will not see my name on the movie. But, yeah, I was there, and I enjoyed it.

I scanned your mind,
Inside out,
Discovered some memories,
Buried and forgotten.

It's cold outside,
Once warm within,
You could've been somewhere else,
Now it's bone to skin.

Yan Haunters : So I came to, I came to China, and this was about 8 months ago. I was offered a job, anyway, there is jobs. But this was in the information technology industry. The money was good, but it doesn't give me the happiness. And then I was offered a position here. Working here in "Keeping in touch Culture", it means everything to me. It has combined all the elements in my life for the time being. Say everyday you say to yourself, this is really what I want to say, this is really how I want to do it. You can only find happiness and stability within yourself if you don't lie to yourself.

Everything is new to him when he works as a music recording specialist in China. He has brought all his musical experiences here. He enjoys his work.

Yan Haunters : There is something very strong here, this Chinese culture, one of those things is the music. The traditional music in China is very very strong. If you would ask me how is the traditional music in Belgian, well, it's very questionable, I don't know if I could give you a lot of examples. But there is lot here in China. So we are here to preserve that to help people to make a recording of it. This needs to be put on CD. This needs to be heard by Chinese people and people in the world.

In Yan's eye, the little studio is a beautiful place. He would work for more than 10 hours here each day. His work and life has been combined with music perfectly.

Yan Haunters:
Music, it's very powerful. It's very human. It's just a beautiful way of communication. It's a language.