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Easy Fm And Me  
  The sweet voice from the radio leads us into an exciting outlook. From 5 to 8 o'clock every afternoon, Nina, the hostess of Easy FM, greets her listeners from the studio at China Radio International.

  Nina was born in Ethiopia. Her father is British, while her mother Greek. Nina can speak English, Greek and Italian. She began her career as a radio presenter in Australia in 1995. One and a half years ago, she came to China and became the first foreign female hostess on a live phone-in program about emotional topics at CRI.

  Nina: I was very excited about the opportunity, but I do remember feeling quite nervous. And the other big thing for me was it was the first time that a foreign female DJ had undertaken this sort of job in the history of Easy FM. And I didn't know how people would react to a woman's voice dealing with these issues of love. I have been very much encouraged.

  Grace: She is very lovely, very cute, very active. I always call her "My dearest Nina". And also she always gives the listeners love advice. Sometimes we'll discuss how to say about this case, how to say about that. It's really full of fun.

   Music is an important element on radio programs. Deep understanding and mastery of music by the hostess can make the program more enjoyable. That' s why Nina often tires hard to integrate music into her program better.

  Nina: Quite often listeners say to me, or they send emails or they write to me and they say: "Why don't you play more Savage Garden? Why don't play more Britney Spears? Why don't you play more Whitney Huston? At the beginning, I thought it was very important to try and play exactly what the listeners want. But of course, there are people who want to listen to Whitney Huston 24 hours a day. And it is not possible to run a radio station purely according to listeners' request. I mean request is very important to a radio station, but not as important as the music policy. And actually we have quite a strict music policy. That's a very careful, almost scientific approach to how you program a radio program. You have to have the right mix of music to make everybody happy. So not to allow any one person to dominate. And of course, that makes it difficult for a DJ because although you want to dominate the show, you want to identify yourself with the program. It's important not only to play your taste. either.

  Nina's program is quite popular with listeners for she has a natural and easy-going hosting style. Music makes her program more enjoyable.

  Nina : Usually everyday I spend some time to look at the history of this day. SO I look at birthdays. Who's famous. Who's birthday is today. For example, yesterday was Robbie William's birthday, and he's 26 years old. So we did a big feature on Robbie Williams. Today I'm going to try to play some energetic music.

  It is in this small studio that Nina has communications from heart to heart with her listeners. She loves this place. And she is willing to dedicate much more time and enthusiasm to her job.

  Nina : I like this particular studio because it has wooden floors. And it's quite a big radio studio. This is actually the biggest studio that I've been worked in before. I think I like being by myself and control of the panel, and control of the CDs and control of the MD machines and control of the computer. And I know when to open the microphone, when to be quiet, when to fade down the music, when to bring up the music.

  Nina : Being alone in the studio is my time. And it's important for me because I have my own personal space. And the program that I present is a very personal program. SO I guess the feeling I have is all about conveying my emotion to people outside the studio meanwhile maintaining a private space.

  电波中甜美的声音把我们带入一种美好的想象空间,每天下午5点-8点,Easy FM的主持人Nina会在中国国际广播电台的直播间等候着她的听众朋友。