With an intention to provide a better studying environment to English lovers, giving them further understanding to social custom and cultures of English-speaking nations, as well as meeting people’s demand in more and more extensive English communicating, CCTV Science & Education Dept. Outlook English Magazine, will establish a “Outlook English” club recently.
  Our aim is to inspire enthusiasms to new generation of the 21th century in learning English, speaking English and using English. We offer you a chance to communicate with English lovers and our program in kinds of lively, novel, colorful fashions. We’ll create easy, practical English atmosphere in order to train trans-century international talents well.
  Our advantage. We are supported by the first media authority of China—CCTV(China Central Television).Taking advantage of its powerful media predominance, our club is based on many authorized culture educational organizations national & international or famous universities, publishing houses. Our propaganda is all over the country, our information is coming from the world. The club, which emphasizes practice and generalization, will give you a favorable English learning circumstance.
  Our rules
  1. How to enroll :
  Mail 30¥ RMB to us annually as your fee to enter the club .Write your name, sex, date of birth, educational level, occupation, the title of a technical or professional post, detailed address of family ,contact phone, fax, E-mail, as well as other personal information in brief clearly on the slip of remittance bill. After receiving your application and money you post, we’ll make a full registration for you. When you receive our qualification card, You are becoming a new member of our club. Congratulations!
  2. Members’ rights:
  Periodicals We’ll send periodical per quarter. That covers full range of our English knowledge and educational activities, issues or information which English lovers will interest much.
  Publications Members enjoy discount in purchase of books, VCDs, or other kind of publications recommended by our Outlook English Magazine program.
  Training According to members’demand, we will hold vary forms of training activities, lectures, focus discussing, with purpose to enhance our English communicating proficiency.
  Activities We will organize series of activities to help members better their practical skill in both oral and written English ability, such as English articles or essays, giving lectures, singing matches, winter or summer camps and other colorful activities .
  Programs Members have chances to become guests or audiences on the spot to our Outlook English Magazine program. You also can take part in our program recording in the studio.
  Making friends Through our activities, members can communicate to each other freely .You can talk with Chinese or foreign specialists and celebrities as well.
  Studying assisting Ten excellent members will be chosen annually to engage in advanced English studies .
  3. Obligations
  Members should show concern to our Outlook program, publications, activities with enthusiasm. Meanwhile, you are allowed to feedback your thoughts and opinions regularly to develop our program and the club.
  You should help other members who lag behind earnestly to facilitate their progressing. And you have responsibility to extend club members making more and more people have opportunity to study English.
  You should hand in fee by mailing to us in time. (For instance, you should mail you next year fee before late month of this year.)
  You should comply with all rules mentioned upper. Any kind of inappropriate behaviors to the club should be punished.
  4. Other items:
  The club has right to abandon qualifications to those who fail to fulfill obligations, disobey club rules, or behave badly members.
  All final explanation rights to rules, items, and other contents of the club showed here belong to our highest managing institution.
  Warmly welcome you join our club.
  《Outlook—English Magazine Club》, Science & Education Dept. CCTV


  为了使广大英语爱好者更好地学习英语,了解英语国家的社会文化和风土人情,满足人们在英语交流上越来越广泛,越来越迫切的需要,中央电视台科教部《希望——英语杂志》(OUTLOOK—English Magazine)将于近期筹备成立“希望英语”俱乐部,具体事宜如下:
  一、 宗 旨:
  二、 优 势:
  三、 章 程:
  1. 获取资格:
  2. 会员权利:
  <1> 会 刊: 俱乐部每季度免费寄赠会刊。会刊内容涵盖英语爱好者所关心的英语知识和教学信息。
  <2> 出版物: 会员购买《希望—英语杂志》节目相关的各类文字及音像出版物时享受优惠价。在选购俱乐部推荐的其它各类英文出版物时,享受相应折扣。
  <3> 培 训: 俱乐部将根据会员的要求,举办多种形式的培训、讲座和研讨会,以提高英语水平,交流学习经验。
  <4> 活 动: 俱乐部在会员中组织英语征文、征稿、演讲、辩论、歌曲比赛、文艺演出、冬夏令营、中外文化交流等活动,以丰富多彩的形式帮助会员提高实际英语运用和口语水平。
  <5> 节 目: 会员有机会成为《希望―英语杂志》特别节目的现场嘉宾或观众,亲身参与节目录制。
  <6> 联 谊: 在俱乐部举办的联谊活动中,会员可以自由交流,可以得到中外专家的指点,及同名人交谈。
  <7> 助 学: 10名年度优秀会员将由俱乐部资助参加高水平的英语进修活动。
  3. 会员义务:
  <1> 会员应积极关注《希望——英语杂志》节目、本俱乐部刊物及其各类活动。及时反馈自己的意见和建议,以便不断提高我们节目的质量和促进俱乐部的发展。
  <2> 会员在保证个人英语水平不断提高的前提下,应热情主动地帮助其它会员,并向非会员进行宣传,以使更多的人得到英语学习和交流的机会。
  <3> 会员应及时缴纳会费,下一年度的会费应在本年度期满前一个月汇至俱乐部。
  <4> 会员应遵守俱乐部各项规章制度,若出现有损俱乐部或其它会员利益的行为,将视情况予以处罚。
  4. 其它条款:
  <1> 对于任何不履行会员义务、违反俱乐部制度或出现其它不良的行为的会员,俱乐部有权取消其会员资格。
  <2> 有关本俱乐部的一切章程、条款及其它相关内容的最终解释权属于本俱乐部最高管理机构。
  E-mail: b005.mail.cctv.com
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