02-16-2007 17:10

Well the Lunar New Year is almost upon us and it's less that 24 hours to start of CCTV's celebration gala. With audience anticipation running high, the performers went into their final dress rehearsal on Thursday night.

The acrobatics sees dozens of teenage girls performing a stunning array of tricks on the ever popular Chinese diabolo. Though the appearance in the show marks something of a comeback for this traditional plaything as a stage entertainment -- one which has required literally years of preparation -- and if all goes to plan, it could be one of the night's big hits.

Diabolo performer, said, "This program is technically demanding, and prone to flop. So we need practice, practice and practice. We will keep our fingers crossed for a success."

Their acrobatic act is the only one alongside 32 other items, which range from singing and dancing to opera, magic and the highly-anticipated cross talk and short sketches. They all survived several rounds of a fierce elimination contest and promising an enthralling night from the best of the best.

Jin Yue, general director 2007 CCTV's Spring Festival Gala, said, "There is still some room for improvement in terms of the pace. I believe that all things will be in its right timing and place at the big night."

Singing stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan arrived in time for the last rehearsal. Pop divas Jolin Tsai, Joey Yeung and Angela Chang, as well as R&B sensation David Tao all added the fun. The newcomers to the event just can't help concealing their excitement.

Angela Chang, said, "It's a different experience. I usually spend the night with my family, but this year I am looking forward to ringing in the new year with an audience of millions!"

David Tao, said, "It's my first time on the stage of Spring Festival Gala. I expect to learn more about traditional Chinese art here."

Besides their appeal to the younger generation, there is also something on offer for those looking for a bit of nostalgia, as some artists -- both old and young -- will deliver a number of popular standards.

In dance category, which produce the highlight of the show for two years running, there are a couple of potential hits. One is a type of tap dance, which has been practiced by Tibetans for many generations. Another combines a pacey modern feel with the classic elegance of south China.

The comedy and sketch shows feature a host of established stars including the double act of Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan, along with Feng Gong and Pang Changjiang, who no doubt all aim to leave the audience helplessly begging for more.

The pageant will begin at eight o'clock New Year's Eve on Saturday and run through to the first peals of 2007. CCTV 9 will cover it all live.


Editor:Du Xiaodan