Episode 16 - Market Diversity

2008-03-27 20:52 BJT


The Greater Mekong River Sub-region has always been a place abundant with natural resources such as rice, rubber, timber, numerous fruits and water produce, and trade has always been active. But with continuous social development, the market in this region has become increasingly diversified in form.

This program presents us with different forms of markets, even one in a remote place where barter is still the dominant method of trade. But the most unique market we will see is on water. Through the story of an ambitious young man, this part reveals the vigorous Vietnamese economy as seen in Ho Chi Minh City, a place bustling with market activities.

In this programme we will see how the local people live and what’s on their mind for the future, in this area nourished by the great Lancang-Mekong River.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com