Episode 13 - Exploring Angkor

2008-03-27 20:52 BJT


Angkor Wat is indisputably the most important site of ancient culture in the Greater Mekong-River Sub-region, but of more importance is its symbolic meaning. More than 800 years ago, a Chinese man came to Angkor Wat and left for later generations a detailed account of what he saw.

In this program, we will not only see the smiling Angkor Wat, but also other ancient cultural artifacts like Luangprabang, My Son Sukhothai and Bagan.

With works of architecture and sculptures that are nothing less than astonishing, Angkor Wat tells not only stories of past dynasties, but also about itself, its art, and its position in the hearts of the people. Aside from its religious meaning, Angkor Wat has become a world-famous tourist attraction today. As a great site of ancient engineering and architecture, Angkor Wat is in no need of being“rediscovered”, as it is very much a part of local life in this area nourished by the great Lancang-Mekong River.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com