Episode 10 - Dragon Boat Races

2008-03-27 20:52 BJT


All of the six countries along the Lancang-Mekong River have dragon boats, and while dragon boat races are held at different times of the year in each country, the peoples in all six have a profound respect for the sacred river and its waters, while sharing a common wish for good harvests, favorable weather, and a happy life. All of them have a strong sense of unity, harmony and courage.

In this part of the series we will follow the training of a Chinese and Lao dragon boat team, and see how they perform in the race, and we will also learn about other local customs, such as the Duanwu Festival and the Open-door Festival.

Exciting dragon boats races held in different countries, fascinating life styles, the close relationship between man and water and there people’s gratitude and reverence for it, can all be seen in this fascinating program about people nourished by the great Lancang-Mekong River.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com