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Elderly couple tour around 12 provinces on bicycle

2010-04-21 16:26 BJT

Looking back seven years ago, can you recall the most valuable thing you have ever done? Will you feel like you have idled away the time? "No." The person nicknamed "the elderly woman who sells elderly man," answered the question flatly. In real life, "The elderly woman who sells elderly man" is named Chen Caiping and she is 59 years old. Chen, together with her husband, "the elderly man who sells elderly woman," who is 53 years old, toured around more than 50 cities and hundreds of villages and towns in 12 provinces over a period of seven years on two collapsible bicycles.

The elderly woman called this type of travelling a "donkey tour." Apart from travelling, the elderly woman also likes posting threads online, and her humorous language and legendary travelling experience have made her a famous person on the Internet.

Elderly couple tour around 12 provinces on bicycle

Elderly couple tour around 12 provinces on bicycle

Equipment: travel with a small bag

When the reporter found the elderly woman, she and her husband were each riding a collapsible bicycle that groaned constantly. They had just returned home after enjoying the rapeseed flowers in Wannan. Coincidentally, the elderly woman's first travelling destination is also the rapeseed fields in Wannan. "I will not travel in Wuyuan, because it is too expensive." The elderly woman twitched her mouth as she told the reporter, "Wannan abounds with rapeseed flowers, and large flakes from the rapeseed flowers fall on the mountains near the villages. There is no need to go to Wuyuan, which is too crowded with people."   

"What are the things in your bag?" "There are clothes, a map, cups and a small bag with bicycle repair tools in. Hold it. It is very light." With so few items, the elderly woman and her husband went from Shandong to Hainan and from Shanghai to Qinghai, touring almost half of the country on a bicycle. Because the elderly woman's husband was a mechanical engineer before he retired, it was the husband who kept the bicycles running normally during the journey. Before setting off, the elderly woman had to prepare many things. For example, before they went to Wannan, the elderly woman spent over a month checking the travel routes online, and then bought a Wannan map to take it throughout the journey. "There are many preparations such as food, accommodations and train fares." At the elderly woman's home, the reporter found a stack of maps on the desk that have been so frequently used that wear had begun to show. The furthest the elderly woman and her husband went by bicycle was to Qinghai. "Qinghai Lake is very beautiful, but I cannot adapt to the high altitude. I will not have the opportunity to visit Tibet during my lifetime."