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Giant tiger sculpture to appear at the Ditan Park temple fair

2010-02-08 14:51 BJT

The temple fair will kick off on February 13 and last for 8 days. The temple fair's organizing committee has chosen several "emperors" to perform an earth worship ritual at the temple fair.

"The Year of the Ox" has passed and the "Year of the Tiger" approaches. On February 2, a tiger model named Wei Wei, the mascot of this year's temple fair, was under construction at the West Gate of the Temple of the Earth. So far, preparations have been made and a grand temple fair will be staged here on February 13. Reporters learned that this year's temple fair will last for 8 consecutive days and include many special activities.

A performance imitating the earth worship ritual of the Qianlong period has been a highlight of the temple fair. This year, the organizing committee has chosen 3 "emperors" from society and these "emperors" will perform the earth worship ritual between January 1 and January 3 (on the lunar calendar).

The organizing committee has also invited Wu Yulu, a farmer well known for his inventions, to the temple fair. Reporters learned that Wu and more than 10 robots, which he invented, will perform at the temple fair.

At the same time, all kinds of tiger models will play important roles at this year's temple fair and the 4–meter tall mascot Wei Wei will become the king of the "tigers."

Various snacks will appear at the temple fair. Some of Beijing's famous hotel chains such as Donglaishun and Chatangli will set up stalls at the temple fair. It is worth noting that visitors can even try Taiwanese snacks this year.

Highlights of the temple fair

Traditional cries of vendors

The Beijing Traditional City Art Troupe has produced a brand new program called "Various Tradesmen Gather at the Temple of the Earth." During the Spring Festival, the troupe will perform at the temple fair.

A collection of operas

Visitors will be exposed to different kinds of opera at this year's temple fair. A program titled "The Essences of the Sichuan Opera" will enable visitors to view face changing, fire spraying and Sichuan-dialect performances. Meanwhile, a kind of song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast will enable visitors to learn more about China's northeast. Puppet shows and leather-silhouette shows will also be staged.

Intangible cultural heritage

Wood engraving New Year paintings, Suzhou embroidery, clay figure Zhang and dough figurines are important pieces of Chinese cultural heritage. This year, an "intangible cultural heritage plaza" will appear at the Temple of the Earth. Experts specializing in 16 intangible cultural heritage projects will come to the fair, and reveal the secrets of these pieces of heritage.

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