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Tianjin Pavilion: replica of the Astor Hotel with a train cinema inside

2010-01-08 16:14 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Shanghai Expo Countdown |

The Astor Hotel Tianjin is the only hotel in China which has been included in the national cultural relic preservation project, and this old building is a household name in Tianjin. Up till today, the Astor Hotel has preserved many precious historical relics. In 1886, when the hotel opened, the furniture was primarily purchased from England, and the hotel still has objects which are over a hundred years old. Before long, this old building, which occupies a special place in the minds of Tianjin residents, will be replicated in Shanghai. That is to say, the Tianjin Pavilion will take the shape of the Astor Hotel at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Picture of Tianjin Pavilion, a replica of the Astor Hotel
Picture of Tianjin Pavilion, a replica of the Astor Hotel

A few days ago, reporters from the Morning Post learned from the Tianjin members of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Organizing Committee that the theme of the Tianjin Pavilion would be "The Exciting and Charming Binhai District: Eco-Friendly." Centering around this theme, the Tianjin Pavilion would also display three other sub-themes, namely, the charming Tianjin: the new construction of an urban environment, the exciting Binhai District: a new leader in the urban economy, and eco-friendliness: a new vision for an urban future. In the main areas of the Tianjin Pavilion, the Sino-Singapore eco-city, the Dongjiang Free Trade Port, the general assembly line for the Airbus A320 plane, and a large-thrust rocket will be the main highlights. To enhance the exhibits’ attractiveness, the pavilion will make full use of modern science and technology, and also make every effort to achieve the perfect combination of sound, light, electricity and water usage as well as many other technical elements.

The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, the first high-speed railway in China, which travels at a speed of 350km per hour, has set a world rail speed record, and has significantly shortened the time it takes to get between Tianjin and surrounding areas. A car from one of the intercity high-speed trains will be put on display in the Tianjin Pavilion. And unlike ordinary cars, this one is actually a small cinema, which can accommodate 30 people at one time. And in this cinema, the audience can watch a six-minute-long film about Tianjin.


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