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People have mixed attitudes to "naked" marriage

2010-01-06 14:28 BJT

What is a “naked” marriage? It means a marriage without a house, a car, a wedding, a wedding ring…It means a marriage that has nothing but a red and fresh marriage certificate which can be applied for in a marriage registration office by spending only 9 yuan. The phrase "“naked” marriage" was born amidst the global financial crisis in 2008, and the rising housing prices in 2009 accelerated its rate of exposure. Some netizens claim that “naked” marriages are a new trend given by high housing prices to white collar workers.

People have mixed attitudes to "naked" marriage

People have mixed attitudes to "naked" marriage

70 percent of females think a “naked” marriage is not practical

How many people will accept marriage without a house and a car? On New Year's Day 2010, 800 new couples in Guangzhou received their marriage certificates. On New Year's Day, Guangzhou resident Mrs. Wu was very happy after she received her marriage certificate at the Bureau of Civil Affairs in Yuexiu District. However, she also felt the practical pressure. It only cost her 20 yuan to take the photos and 9 yuan for the certificate. The total cost of the legal marriage was not high at all. But the reality is that Guangzhou's housing prices already exceeded 10,000 yuan per square meter a long time ago, the cost of a wedding reception would be tens of thousands of yuan, a diamond wedding ring would be more than 10,000 yuan, and even the cost of the wedding photos, which is the lowest cost in the budget, would be thousands of yuan. The total cost of a wedding would be no less than hundreds of thousands of yuan. Furthermore, there would also be a huge house mortgage to pay in future.

Wu was lucky. She bought a small, second-hand house in Panyu District with the help of her parents, and the young couple also held a decent wedding using their savings. Compared to Wu, Mrs. Zhao, who also received her marriage certificate on the same day, held a much simpler wedding. Zhao has been in Guangzhou for over five years and is working as an office clerk in a company. Her final choice was to marry one of her university classmates, a young man who also came from Guangdong's rural area and is fighting his way. The couple decorated the house they rented, replaced the old curtains with a new one and bought a set of red-colored bedding. Then, the bridal chamber was finished.

In terms of Zhao's choice, many of her friends said they did not get it. Some of her female friends even tried to persuade her to look for someone richer. Actually, attitudes among males and females about “naked” marriages are both quite sharp-cut. Online surveys show that 80 percent of males agree to “naked” marriages while 70 percent of females think it is impractical.