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Beijing to set bicycle lanes on roads following Paris example

2009-12-25 14:58 BJT

In an age of "post-4 million vehicles," Beijing will follow the example of Paris in controlling urban traffic congestion and relieving traffic pressure by using the bicycle leasing industry.

Green Beijing Action Plan (between 2010 and 2012), which was approved by Beijing Municipal Standing Committee, revealed the idea of popularizing exclusive bicycle lanes on both sides of roads on December 22. 500 bicycle leasing sites will be established at subway stations and public hubs by 2012, providing 20,000 bicycles.

Beijing to set bicycle lanes on roads following Paris example, to promote

Beijing to set bicycle lanes on roads following Paris example

Bicycles are brought into line with the city's traffic program

The program covers nine green projects and will seek opinions from the public. Among them, the "Green Traffic Journey Project" illustrated the situation on bicycles in great detail. First, the project aims at revising or abolishing the administrative provisions which are bad for bicycle traffic and bringing bicycles in line with the city's traffic program. Furthermore, the project will popularize exclusive bicycle lanes on both sides of roads and increase construction of bicycle parking lots in areas of concentrated passenger flow, each equipped with complete security facilities. The program will also establish bicycle leasing sites in major areas including subway stations and traffic hubs and will establish trial areas at historic reservations and some areas such as Zhongguancun west area, Guanganmennei Street and business center.

Controlling traffic congestion by using the bicycle leasing industry is the key method Paris uses to relieve traffic pressure. In 2007, Paris Municipal Government placed more than 10,000 bicycles at 750 leasing sites all at once, establishing a networked leasing site about every 200 meters. Passengers can rent bicycles at any leasing site. It has become the third traffic tool in Paris in two years.