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Survey: second generation rich, second generation thoughts

2009-10-20 12:02 BJT

The first survey report on the group of "rich second generation" published

News about the "rich second generation" could always be seen in all the media, but the impressions they leave to the public are usually "showy", "overbearing" and "extravagant". Are the "rich second generation" weak-minded people? Who are they actually?

Second generation rich, second generation thoughts
Second generation rich, second generation thoughts

Recently, the Shanghai Youth Homeland Civil Society Organization Service Center and the "Relay China" Youth Elite Association jointly launched a special survey on the "rich second generation". The aim of the survey is to learn the living and developing situation of the "rich second generation" and then bring forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for this special group. Several days ago, the Center offered a "survey report on the 'rich second generation' group" to the China Youth Daily exclusively.

Reporters learned that three methods were used to carry out the survey. The first one was a questionnaire survey. A total of 130 questionnaires were distributed and 122 effective ones were collected back. The second one was individual case interviews. Nineteen members of the "Relay China" were interviewed in depth through telephone or face-to-face. The third was participating in the internal activities of the "Relay China" to closely observe the targets of the survey. Surveyors hoped to learn a lot about this special group by using these three methods collectively.

Most "rich second generation" belong to the generation after the 80s, and 52 percent of them have experience studying abroad

As the "rich generation" become old, questions such as "how should the 'rich second generation'accede to their family enterprises and the mass fortune they inherit?" This special group of "rich second generation" has gradually begun to attract people's attention.

What is interesting is that most interviewees don't like the words of "rich second generation", and they hope to be called the "children of entrepreneurs" or "entrepreneurs of the second generation". They think the words of "rich second generation" are negative words used by media to sensationalize news, and are misused for this group. They hope that media and public will not use them any more.