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New China Science and Technology Museum welcomes three dinosaur fossils

2009-08-20 15:36 BJT

Posture: Dilophosaurus attacks Lufengosaurus

According to fossil assembling expert Wang Tao, when the assembly is completed, the carnivorous Chinese Dilophosaurus will be in a posture to attack the herbivorous Lufengosaurus huenei. The Chuanjiesaurus is looking back at the two fighting dinosaurs.

dinosaur fossils
The 27 meter-long "Chuanjiesaurus" is glaring

Wang explained that although these three dinosaurs did not live in the same age, a design such as this one will make the display more interesting.

These three fossils will stand on a geological recreation of Lufeng County in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, where they were excavated. Other ancient fossils, such as the tree fossils at that time, will be used to match the environment constructed with the earth from Lufeng County, so as to make the audience better experience the original prehistoric environment.

Background: Special fossils are on display for visitors to touch

In order to let the visitors get closer to the dinosaur fossils, the fossil of a thigh bone from a Lufengosaurus, one of the tens of fossils transported together with those of the three dinosaurs to Beijing, is specially put on an exhibition stand for visitors to touch. This fossil, about one meter long and in good shape, is a rarity. Touching of the three assembled dinosaurs fossils is prohibited.

Security: three defensive lines are set up to guard the dinosaurs all night

According to the person in charge of security with the museum, while putting the fossils on shelves and on display, there are three defensive lines set up to safeguard the fossils: 50 security personnel will watch over them all through the night; assembly and display are in a relatively enclosed space, just like a warehouse; cameras and a warning system have already been put into service, and anything happening around the fossils will be monitored.

In addition, during assembly, there must be at least two installation personnel. The staff’s items will be counted when they are on and off the duty. They need to sign for entering or leaving the exhibition hall.


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Editor: Shi Taoyang | Source: CCTV.com