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13 Cement Producers to move out of Beijing

2009-08-20 15:36 BJT

Beijing is eliminating a number of small-scale cement companies that are marked by heavy-pollution, high-energy and high-water consumption. At the kickoff ceremony of “China Cement Industry Promotion Program” on August 16, Beijing Cement Industry Association Secretary Hu Zhongjia said Beijing will retain only about 10 large-scale cement plants by 2010.

Beginning in Beijing on August 16, “China Cement Industry Promotion Program” will visit 22 cement plants in Beijing, Henan and Hubei over 34 days to demonstrate production techniques and exchange technological experience. In addition, experts will diagnose production problems and provide technical support on site.

The cement industry is fundamental to the real estate construction material sector. Hu Zhongjia stated that the municipal government has formulated policies to ban the establishment of new cement enterprises and to reduce the size of the cement industry in Beijing through gradual elimination because small-scale cement producers cause heavy pollution and consume a huge amount of energy and water. So far, 8 cement enterprises have been forced to move out of Beijing.

Nearly 30 cement plants still exist in the city. By 2010, 13 more cement enterprises will be phased out and only approximately 10 large-scale cement plants will remain. It is said that Beijing now has an annual cement production capacity of 8 million tons and still needs to import cement from other provinces.


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Editor: Shi Taoyang | Source: CCTV.com