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20 wholesale outlets selling Pinggu big peaches open for business in Beijing

2009-07-29 17:52 BJT

On July 23, 20 wholesale outlets selling Pinggu peaches opened for business in Beijing. Residents found that they would be able to eat fresh peaches that were picked two hours before.

Pinggu peaches have been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, and the orchards cover 220,000 mu of land. Nearly 300 million kilograms of Pinggu peaches are harvested annually. Pinggu’s big peaches can be classified into four major types, white peach, flat peach, nectarine and yellow peach, and include over 200 varieties. In 2006, Pinggu peaches were protected by worldwide geographical indication status, and were recognized by the European Union in 2007.

In order to cut out the middleman and shorten transportation from plantations to markets, Pinggu District set up 20 licensed wholesale outlets selling fresh Pinggu peaches in the communities and supermarkets of Wangfujing, Jinsong and Panjiayuan. “We got up at 4:00 a.m. to pick up the peaches, transported them to central Beijing in two hours, and placed them on the shelves at these outlets. Consequently, residents are able to eat fresh, eco-friendly Pinggu peaches every morning,” said Zhao Zhenxing, general manager of Pinggu’s Lugufeng outlet.

These outlets in Beijing are a big part of the “Pinggu Farming Product Exhibition - Pinggu entering the Capital Fair” to be held at the New National Agricultural Exhibition Center from July 31 to August 3. The fair will be held at the new 13,000-square-meter hall of the National Agricultural Exhibition Center. Tens of thousands of agricultural products from 260 enterprises in Pinggu will be displayed at 468 exhibition stalls. During the fair, the district government of Pinggu will give away tickets to scenic areas, coupons for free accommodation at starred hotels, and coupons for picking peaches to residents. With these tickets and coupons on hand, residents can travel to Pinggu District and stay and pick peaches. They are also entitled to attend the lucky draw with receipts from the fair.


Translated by LOTO

Editor: Shi Taoyang | Source: CCTV.com