Lusheng Dance of Miao

2009-08-11 10:32 BJT

Lusheng is an antique reed instrument. The longest measures more than 1 zhang (1 zhang = 3.3 meters), while the shortest is less than 1 chi (1 chi = 1/3 meter). Some have a maximum of 10 reeds in one Lusheng, while others only have a single reed or two reeds. The most popular Lushengs have six reeds, with a forceful but low and deep tone, or a clear and melodious tone. During the long history of the development of the Miao culture, the Lusheng has not only been regarded as the symbol of their people but was also combined with dance music, acrobatics and Wushu (martial arts), etc. As the culture communicated and interacted with various national ethnic groups, the Lusheng dance also became popular among the Dong, Shui, Buyi, Yao and Yi people.

During the long history of the development of the Miao culture, the Lusheng has not only been regarded as the symbol of their people but was also combined with dance music, acrobatics and Wushu (martial arts), etc.
During the long history of the development of the Miao culture, the
 Lusheng has not only been regarded as the symbol of their people 
but was also combined with dance music, acrobatics and Wushu (martial
 arts), etc.

The popular Lusheng dance was either a women's dance accompanied by men playing or women and men dancing to their own music. Also Wushu activities and some extremely difficult acrobatic feats of the Miao people have been assimilated into the Lusheng dance which is especially loved by the masses. Now the Lusheng dance has become the necessary activity at the jubilant festivals of the Miao people.

The Baixi Lusheng Party of the Miao people is also known as the February Lusheng Party Festival which takes place in mid February of each lunar calendar year and lasts three days.

The participants in the festival's entertainment are the Miaos from Diba, Xinqiao, Shuangjing and Wengxi in the neighborhood, and Gulong, Xinzhou, Chong'an of Huangping County and Panghai of Kaili City. The entertainment starts in Changshan Village of Baixi. The Lusheng Teams from surrounding villages led by the senior of prestige go to the Gupa Slope of Changshan Village and sound the Lusheng as they pray for good weather and a bumper harvest.

On the second day, the entertainment venue is moved to the Lusheng Level Ground in Tunshan Village where costumed girls perform the Lusheng dance. In addition, a wood-thrush match is held by the middle-aged and seniors. A horse race is also organized.

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