Taipa Fortress

2009-12-01 16:17 BJT


Constructed upon the command of Pedro Jose da Silva Loureiro in 1847, the fortress was meant to protect against the attack of pirates. Later, it was renovated as the residence of summer time for the governors of Macau.No long before, it was also the Police Station of Taipa.The facade of the fortress is faced to the sea, with one shield being placed on the left side. On both side of the fortress, there are two security rooms, in Muslim style. Two large cannons stand on its left side. In the rear part of the building, some stairs lead to a small building, in which munition was stored in the past.Behind the stairs, there is a little door close to the wall that can access to the Monument Garden, which was set up in 1851, in commeoration of the victims of the explosion of the frigate D. Maria II.

Editor: Liu Anqi | Source: cityguide.gov.mo