St. Lawrence's Church

2009-12-01 15:45 BJT

Location : Rua de S. Louenço

Today the most fashionable church in Macau, St. Lawrence's was first built of wood in the 1560's, replaced by taipa in 1618 and reconstructed in stone 1801-3. Further renovations took place throughout the 19th century.The church is an imposing structure, standing in a garden filled with palm trees. It can be approached from the rear or, by way of a grand staircase and ornamental gate. Painted in cream and white, St. Lawrence's has twin towers, one of which was once an ecclesiastic prison, and a fine Chinese tile roof.The interior is richly decorated. It has a magnificent wooden ceiling painted turquoise with white and gold beams, from which hang elegant chandeliers.The high altar contains a handsome figure of St. Lawrence in gorgeous vestments. Above him hangs a crown held by a cherub and behind is a stained glass window with a dove of peace. Over the window is a wooden lamb. It is open 10am till 4pm weekdays, 10am till 1pm Saturdays, closed on Public Holidays.


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