Outer Harbour -- The youngest part of Macau

2009-12-01 15:07 BJT

Begin at the Grand Lapa Hotel and take the bayside road that runs past the hotel and its health spa to a garden featuring pools with stone sculptures...Ahead is the Cultural Centre (you can't miss the swooping structure roof)...in the main building you can see the Grand Theatre, that is used for major musical and dramatic performances, a studio theatre and exhibition area...the adjoining building houses the Museum of Art (with permanent exhibitions of China Trade paintings, calligraphy, Shiwan ceramics, 20th-century art and historical documents, plus temporary shows. Open 10am-7pm, closed Monday)...Follow the Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen along the waterfront, passing the Macau Urban Development Exhibition Room to the Kun Iam Statue (rising from a small promontory, the 20-metre bronze figure of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy was sculpted by a Portuguese and cast in China. In the lotus-shaped base is a small ecumenical centre for meditation and information on religions in China) ...Leading from the statue, the broad avenue is devoted to the Dr Carlos D'Assumpção Park (with children's playgrounds and tree-shaded relaxation areas)...Stroll through the park to the main Avenida de Amizade and turn left for the Jardim das Artes (a park with brightly coloured geometric sculptures)... Cross the avenue by subway to Comendador Ho Yin Garden (more or less an extension of the Ho Yin Garden)...Take the right exit on Rua de Luís Gonzaga Gomes and follow it to the Tourism Activities Centre (CAT) (next to the Macau Forum)...here you find the Grand Prix Museum (dedicated to the annual Formula 3 championship races with cars, motorbikes, videos, memorabilia and interactive race simulators) and the Wine Museum (exhibits of Portuguese wines, antique wine-making equipment and history of vine growing. Both museums open 10am-6pm)...If you're ready for lunch you can try the restaurants nearby, or take a bus or taxi back into the town centre.