Snacks in Macao

2009-12-01 12:54 BJT

The snack of flogged egg

Portugal type egg flogs is the most famous snack in Macao, raw materials of it is simple, cure skill is very high, so firmly get the favor of the customer of the restaurant. Egg flog bottom is fragrant crisp egg crisp layer, its upper strata are soft egg yolk layer, combine with softly, fragrant and sweet and delicious.

Yishun milk

The table delicacies distance of Macao is famous, "Yishun milk" by the new yard of agenda pavilions of way has a history of over one hundred years, in addition, Yishun is setting up the farm to raise the dairy cattle, so their dairy products are very genuine, many Hong Kong people come Macao each time, they must get the old style of calligraphy size home office order previous pieces of pairs of leather milk too.