Macau Food Festival

2009-12-01 12:26 BJT

The 'Macau Food Festival', featuring food from around the world, will be held for 17 consecutive days in Sai Van Lake Square. Highlights include delicacies zones, namely Chinese, Asian, European, Local, Dessert and include teams from Malaysia and Taiwan. Look out for wonderful live music performances, game booths and rides.

Penang Malaysia Night Market

Ten well-known restaurants from Malaysia are bringing in their local gourmets to the Macau Food Festival.

Taiwan Night Market

An encore from last year, over ten famous restaurants from Taiwan will show up in Food Festival again.

Seven Food Zones

Hundred of local and overseas participants bring you a wide range of delicacies.

Four Thrill Rides

Exciting thrill rides let you play all around: Coffee Cup, Swing Chair, Bumper Car & Jumping Dolphin.