Karting Track

2009-11-30 15:05 BJT

Built by the Macau Government and managed by Macao Motorsport Club. This track is over reclaimed land opposite Seac Pai Van Park. It has floodlights, a choice of seven different circuits and paddocks for more than 200 karts. It opens daily from 10am to 6:30pm.

Just a short hop away from the city is an attraction every motorsports enthusiast should visit, in the form of the modern racing circuit run by the Macau Motor Sports Club.

Home to go-kart and motorcycle races, the 1.2km-long and 10m-wide track sees its share of professional use, but tourists from all around the world routinely test their skills there, too. It is one of the most exciting kart-racing circuits in Southeast Asia and also the only one to be found in either Hong Kong or Macau.

Go-karts are available for rental from as little as MOP100 for a 10-minute session in a 200cc kart capable of hitting more than 60km/h down the straights. More powerful 270cc karts with two-seats are also available, allowing would-be speed demons to take their non-driving friends or family members for a ride.

With 10 corners of varying tightness and difficulty, the circuit presents a good technical challenge to even experienced go-karters, and since the track is a good 10 metres at its widest, there is plenty of space for skilled drivers to make daring passes.

No worries about safety gear, either – the only karting track within the Hong Kong/Macau region is fully stocked with everything from helmets to balaclavas to waterproof clothing for rainy days.

There is also a kart-themed restaurant where diners can taste a range of cuisines while seated in booths built to replicate karts.

If it's sunny, aim for a lap time below 50 seconds. Who knows, you might be putting a foot on the first step of a motorsports ladder that takes you all the way to the Macau Grand Prix!

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