One World One Dream

Making History

Back in 1984, Chinese sharp shooter Xu Haifeng won the gold medal for marksmanship at the Los Angeles Olympic Games, being the first gold medalist in the Olympic history of China.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games witnessed many more such historic moments when athletes make their dreams come true and their names written into Olympic history, winning their country´s first Olympic medal.

The first...

Competitions making first appearance in Olympic Games:

·Women 3000m obstacle race
·TT team event (M & W)
·BMX individual (M & W)
·Women foil/saber team event
·10km marathon swimming (M & W)

The most...

"38" -- The most world records were broken

"85" -- The most Olympic records were broken

"87" -- The most countries and regions winning medals

"204" -- The most Olympic members taking part

"16,000" -- The most athelets taking part

"302" -- The most gold medals awarded

"8" -- The most gold medals won by one athelete

"14" -- The most medals won by one athelete

"9.69 seconds" -- The fastest speed of human was set

The oldest world record of women´s 800m freestyle swimming set in 1989 was broken