Famous Chinese painters

2010-03-12 10:33 BJT

Wei-feng Shen

Wei-feng Shen

The historical city of Yangzhou has always been a major resource of Chinese cultural heritage, amidst of which stands the conspicuously salient "Yangzhou School of Eight Eccentric Talented Painters" in Oing Dynasty.

Mr. Wei-feng Shen, one of the school's young and contemporary successors, is believed to be such a painter who has attained to the expertise of the ancient school of painters in terms of its customary ways and skills of painting and, in the meantime, refuses to stay confined to its original styles in minute details.

Being an expert in flower-and-bird painting, he brings under his brushes every charm and grace of the spring orchids and summer lotuses; and he makes water and ink radiate with every vigor and vitality of the autumn chrysanthemums and winter plums.

The refreshingly elegant style and uniquely refined tone of Mr. Shen's painting has won immense appreciation from numerous foremost painters of the time.