Famous Chinese painters

2010-03-12 10:33 BJT

Nima Zeren

Nima Zeren

In a studio located on the banks of the river Zouma, in Chengdu, south west China, the painter Nima Zeren can be found bustling about.

Nima Zeren is humorous, witty, and talkative'; meanwhile, he has original opinions towards Tibetan culture. Except for when he stares out of the window to look at the scenery, Nima Zeren never gets tired of holding his brush to paint.

Nima Zeren’s works reflect a blend of Tibetan, Han Chinese and Western modern painting styles. They brim with profound thoughts and wonderful notions, gushing with solemn and respectful religious connotations and profoundly depicting Tibetan people's mystical perception of the world.