Famous Chinese painters

2010-03-12 10:33 BJT

Jia Youfu

Jia Youfu

Jia Youfu is famous for cloudy, atmospheric and monumental"traditional landscape paintings" (shanshui). Jia, however, is best known for his monumental paintings of the Taihang Mountains, a life-long destination.

He has been on the mountains for more than 20 times and the present painting is his master piece. He was greatly inspired by the fight in Huangya Cave during the war against Japan and did the present painting about the stele-like mountains. He emphasizes the height and quality of the mountains through special painting skills.

Just like what he said in the inscription, Taihang Mountain is a symbolic stele of the Chinese spirit. Recently the painter turns to the philosophical contemplation of the foreworld, which could be seen in his paintings.