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James Cameron to make sequels to "Avatar"

Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron has agreed to make a pair of sequels to the sci-fi blockbuster "Avatar" next year, after nearly a year of waiting by an expecting public, Fox announced on Wednesday.


China loves Avatar

World Insight 2010-01-17

Movie goers can´t get enough of the 3D blockbuster and film directors wonder if it´s just too, too much.

Avatar hit Chinese big sreen

"Avatar" smashes China opening-day record

Science - fiction blockbuster Avatar took in more than 33 million yuan on its first day at the box office in China this week, setting a new record.

"Avatar" revamped movie watching experience

In seventeen days of screenings, "Avatar" has hauled in around 350-million US at North American box offices, with a daily gross of around 20-million. So far, its global box office earnings ranks the film fourth after "Titanic," "Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King," and the third installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Beijing film fans turn out for Avatar

Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar" went into general release across China on Monday. Just as it has done at box offices worldwide, "Avatar" is also attracting legions of cinema goers in the Chinese capital.

James Cameron optimistic about Chinese market

In 1998, Cameron came to China with his 250 million dollar masterpiece, Titanic. The blockbuster raked in 360 million yuan, breaking all box office records. The huge success showed Cameron and the international movie industry the limitless potential of the Chinese market. 11 years later, Cameron is more optimistic than ever.

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"The Hurt Locker" beats Avatar with 6 major Oscars honors

The sci-fi spectacle "Avatar" won three Oscars, for visual effects, art direction and cinematography.

Cameron wins best director award for "Avatar"

As anticipated, James Cameron took home the best director award for his visually stunning box-office sensation "Avatar" at the Golden Globe awards ceremony held here Sunday night.

Avatar continues to set records in China, grossing 300m yuan in 8 days

Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar" pulled in 309 million yuan ($45 million) nationwide as of Monday, spokesman of the China Film Group Corporation, the movie´s distributor in China, said on Jan 13.

"Avatar" a eulogy for China´s "nail houses"

While most of the global audience are enjoying the dazzling 3-D experience of the Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar," some Chinese see it from a very different angle: a successful battle against forced eviction.

"Avatar" rakes in more than 1 billion dollars worldwide

"Avatar" continued to storm the box office on Sunday, passing the one-billion-dollar mark in worldwide revenues, according to newly-released figures.

James Cameron promotes sci-fi epic "Avatar" in China

After all the waiting, the hype and anticipation - Chinese movie-goers will be able to pop on their 3D glasses and visit Pandora.

Avatar premieres in London

Oscar-winning director James Cameron was in London last week with the stars of his film Avatar to premiere the world´s most expensive movie, which was 15 years in the making.

"Avatar Day" show clip of Cameron´s 3D movie

16 minutes of James Cameron´s much anticipated, high-tech follow-up to 1997´s ´Titanic´ was released earlier this week.