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Profile of Yemen

The Republic of Yemen is located on the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia . It is bordered on the north by Saudi Arabia, on the south by the Arab Sea and the Gulf of Aden, on the east by the Sultanate of Oman and on the west by the Red Sea.

Yemen Flag
Yemen Flag


Official name: Republic of Yemen

City of Sana'a: capital of the Republic of Yemen .The Republic of Yemen is administratively divided into (20) governorates in addition to the Capital Secretariat.

National flag: It consists of three colors ranked from top to bottom as follows: (Red- White- Black).

National Anthem:

The national emblem:The Emblem of Yemen is represented by a falcon, symbolizing the people's strength and soar in the horizon of freedom, unfolding both wings on the national flag and supported by a base on which the name "The Republic of Yemen" is written with a drawing of Marib Dam and a coffee tree inscribed on it.

Religion and Language: Islam is the religion of the State, and Arabic is the official language.

National Currency: Rial ( Average exchange rate is 199.84 Yemeni rials per US dollar- ( June , 2008)

Universal Timing: GMT +3 hours

Electricity : 220 volts / 50 Hertz

international: country code +967

outlets into and out of Yemen:

Air outlets( Sana'a International Airport - Aden International Airport - Taiz Airport - Alhodeidah Airport - Almukala Airport - Seoun Airport)

Sea Outlets( Aden port - Almakha port - Alhodeidah port - Almukala port - Nashtoon port )

Land Outlets(Haradh Outlet - Albuka'a Outlet - Elbain Outlets - Shahin Outlet - Serfait Outlet- Alwadeah Outlet)

Rule system: rule system is a republican, democratic one with people as the source and owner of the power which they practice directly through referendum and public election. People can also practice power indirectly through the legislative, executive or judicial authorities or through the elected local councils. The political system in the Republic of Yemen is based on multi-party and political. Power-sharing takes place peacefully through the public elections.

President: The President of the Republic of Yemen is the Head of State, to be elected directly by the people in competitive elections with the participation of a number of candidates; victory requires the President to obtain the majority of votes of the electorate. And the presidential term is seven years, commencing from the date takes the oath and A person is not allowed to take office than as President of the Republic for more than two terms.