DPR Korea

2009-08-19 14:31 BJT

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DPR Korea Geography

Korea is situtated in the central part in the East of Asia, between the 43deg 00' 36" (Fungso, Onsong district, North Jamkiong Province), the 33deg 06' 32" (Mara island, Namzezu district, Zezu province) of northern latitude and the 124deg 10' 47*' (Bidan island, Riongchon district, North Piong-an province) and 131deg 52' 40" (Doh island, Ulung district, North Kiongsang province) of eastern latitude.

DPRK Flag 
DPRK Flag 

In Korea is used the time from meridian 135deg.

The land is formed by the Korean peninsula and the 4.198 islands surrounding it.

The total surface of Korea is 222.209,231 square kilometers, where 5.974,655 (2,69%) belong to the islands.

The maximum lenght from North to South is around 1.127,16 kilometers

Korea has borders in the North with the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation through the rivers Amrok and Duman, and at the East, West and South is surrounded by sea.

The terrestrial border has 1.369,37 kilometers, and the lenght of the sea-coast is around 18.019,74 kilometers (including the islands) or 7.809,27 kilometers (only in the peninsula).