2009-09-04 16:50 BJT

Forum on the Development of Cultural Industries of International Metropolises

1. Theme: Discussing the issues faced by international metropolises in the process of developing cultural industries and possible solutions. Seeking methods of facilitating development and increasing overall competitiveness of international metropolises.

2. Date: From 6 to 7 September 2009

3. Venue: Beijing Asia Hotel

Forum on the Development of and Cooperation between East and West Cultures

1. Theme:

The forum is focused on the development of East and West cultures, and the latest trends of this development, with a view to strengthening communication and cooperation in the field of culture among the ASEM partners in a new era.

2. Date:

From 3 to 4 September 2009

3. Venue:

Industrial Research Institute of Peking University

4. Attendants:

Experts in cultural industries from ASEM partners.

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