2010-02-05 15:46 BJT

6、Are the scenic spots of Zhangjiajie accessible in winter?

Answer: Sure. Each cable car and sightseeing car operates all the year around. As a matter of fact, a growing number of tourists come to the mountain of Zhangjiajie to appreciate the fantastic views in winter. They can also enjoy preferential prices offered by hotels.

7、Is it tough to climb the mountain?

Answer: The highest mountain in zhangjiajie is 1300 m above sea level which is located in Wulingyuan and it normally takes you 2 or 3 hours to reach the top of mountain. For those mountaineers, Zhangjiajie is a good place to have a try.

8、How long does it take from Shanghai and Beijing to Zhangjiajie by train?

Answer: It will take you about 18 hours to get to Zhangjiajie from Shanghai and 16 hours from Beijing.

9、Taking a taxi

If you want to take a taxi, you could ask the driver to charge you according to the taximeter. For any problems occur, you could seek help from the Complaints Center of the Transportation Corporation, their phone number is 0773-5806089. More importantly, you could be alert to any tour items which tout by the taxi drivers.

10、E-tickets in China

1. Most major airlines in China are now able to issue E-tickets but not all of them.

2. E-tickets are more common to flights between larger cities than those on lesser routes.

3. Foreign traveler holding electronic ticket need only show their passports to board the plane but need to ensure that the name on the e-ticket is exactly the same as the name on the passport.

4. A confirmation code will be issued for each e-ticket.