Travel through history

Qingdao historical sights attractions

Qingdao is a famous historical and cultural cities, one of the birthplaces of Chinese Taoism. Its strong colonial heritage is evident from the numerous European style buildings and cobblestone-paved small alleys.

Travel by cultural charm

Qingdao cultural spots

Qingdao,a city with a rich cultural heritage, is noted for the thriving cultural undertaking. The construction of Qingdao, a modern coastal cultural city, is accelerated, and a cultural activity center is set up in each sub-district, town and community of the city.

Travel with scenery

Qingdao sightseeing spots

Qingdao has beautiful scenery and an agreeable climate. One of the first reasons for a visit to this part of Shandong would be for the numerous and impressive beaches, of various size, cleanliness and attraction.