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9 June 1999 -- Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee (BOBICO) is established in Beijing.

2 January 2000 -- Logo, motto and website of BOBICO are officially launched.

24 February 2000 -- Meeting between IOC and applying cities, where new bidding procedures and a questionnaire for the applying cities are released.

20 June 2000 - Submission of answers of the questionnaire to IOC.

28-29 August 2000, Lausanne -- Acceptance of Candidate Cities by the IOC Executive Board. The candidate cities are Beijing, Istanbul, Osaka, Paris and Toronto.

1 September 2000 -- IOC sets up the Evaluation Commission to assess the five candidate cities' and their capability to host the Games.

9 September 2000 - Chinese President Jiang Zemin writes to IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch to express the Chinese Government's support to Beijing's bid.

13 September 2000, Sydney -- Drawing of lots by the IOC Executive Board to determine order of Candidate City presentations, etc.

15 September - 1 October 2000, Sydney -- Games of the XXVII Olympiad, 2000. China wins 28 gold medals and ranks third on the medal tally.

25 September 2000, Sydney -- Information meeting between the IOC and the Candidate Cities.

6 September 2000 -- Signature of the Candidature Procedure.

13 December 2000, Lausanne -- Ten-minute presentation by each of the Candidate Cities to the IOC Executive Board.

17 January 2001 -- Submission of Candidature File to the IOC.

Mid-February to mid-April 2001 -- Visits of the IOC Evaluation Commission to the Candidate Cities.

20-25 February 2001 -- IOC Evaluation Commission visits Beijing, to inspect the city's capacities to host an Olympic Games.

15 May 2001 -- Report of IOC Evaluation Commission to the Executive Board. Beijing's bid is appraised as "excellent." The report says that Beijing would stage an "excellent Olympic Games."

Designation by the IOC Executive Board of Candidate Cities to be submitted to the IOC Session for election.

13 July 2001, 112th IOC Session, Moscow -- Election of the Host City of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in 2008.


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